Experimental Features in ACE

This page describes some features that have been added to ACE over the course of minor revisions that are not well-tested enough to be considered robust, but may be of interest to some users.

;; übertagging settings
übertag-emission-path := "../ut/nanc_wsj_redwoods_noaffix.ex.gz".
übertag-transition-path := "../ut/nanc_wsj_redwoods_noaffix.tx.gz".
übertag-generic-map-path := "../ut/generics.cfg".

Note that the PET implementation of UT has a lot more bells and whistles than the ACE implementation, at least for now (various tag types, whitelists...).

$ ace -G jacy.dat -g logon/dfki/jacy/ace/config.tdl
[various output...]
$ ace -G erg.dat -g erg-1214/ace/config.tdl
[various output...]
$ ace -G jaen.dat -g logon/uio/tm/jaen/ace/config.tdl
[various output...]
$ echo "犬 が 猫 を 食べる" | ace -g jacy.dat -1Tf 2>/dev/null | ace -g jaen.dat 2>/dev/null | ace -g erg.dat -e1 2>/dev/null
The dog eats the cat.

Note that JaCY does not work properly out-of-the-box with ACE; you will need an SVN update at least as recent as late January 2013 of JaCY, and you will additionally need need to comment out the line including "lex/generics.tdl" in the file japanese.tdl. Also, to compile the ERG from a working directory other than the ACE directory (as shown above), you will need ace-0.9.13, and unknown word handling will not work.


There may not be enough information on this page to successfully try out some of these features. Contact WoodleyPackard if you want to deploy something and need help.

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