Discussion: Modes of Cooperation

Moderator: Montserrat Marimon; Scribe: Bart Cramer


Montse: Cross-site co-operation will make the consortium more visible. How to achieve this?

S: DeepThought project was the last project, in which Delph-in was really cooperating between different sites.

Dan: Shared task seems a productive way to promote co-operation. TO make this X-linguistically, Francis offers Japanese documents, comparable to ACL anthology. Information retrieval might be a suitable task to join.

Francis sees the shared SVN repository as a good way of more collaboration, and visibility of work.

People agree that more sending to mailing lists is useful, and that shyness doesn't help. Is also a good information source for others. Per-site DELPH-IN website is proposed. PET, Matrix and Jacy have bug trackers. Things on Wikis seem not visible enough.

Hans: he sees the existence of projects (funded or unfunded) as a good way to promote co-operation. Sometimes American groups can join European funded initiatives. It is hard to get funding for DELPH-IN, given the way we present ourselves externally (website! show more results/achievements!).

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