Egad (Erroneous Generation Analysis and Detection) is a tool that helps a grammar developer find problematic rules in an HPSG grammar by analyzing the grammar's generation results. The grammar developer can also use it to obtain statistics about how the grammar performs. Such statistics include the proportion of lexical or rule variance between generation and parsing results, if the generated items have the same MRS, if the top ranked generation result matches the input string, etc.

Egad was created by MichaelGoodman and FrancisBond in order to improve generation results for Jacy, but it has also been used to analyze the ERG. It relies on both the [incr tsdb()] and LKB packages for parsing and generating sentences with a grammar. Please contact the authors if Egad does not work with your grammar.

EgadInstallation : Installing Egad

EgadAnalysis : Obtaining a grammar analysis with Egad

EgadErrorMining : Finding errors with Egad


Michael Goodman and Francis Bond (2009) Using Generation for Grammar Analysis and Error Detection, In Proceedings of the ACL-IJCNLP 2009 Conference Short Papers, Singapore, pp 109-112.

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