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Abrams and Browne arrived.
Abrams, Browne, and Chiang arrived.
The dog and cat arrived.
The dog, cat, and picture arrived.
My friend and colleague arrived.
Abrams barked and was old.
Abrams arrived, barked, and was old.
Abrams arrived and the dog barked.
Abrams wanted and expected to arrive.
The old and fierce dog barked.
The dog is old and fierce.
The dog barked on Monday and on Wednesday.

Linguistic Characterization

Coordination of two phrases introduces a relation which takes two arguments; in coordination of nominal phrases these are the instances (the ARG0) of the left and right conjuncts, while in all other coordination the two arguments are the handles (the LTOP) of each of the two conjuncts. N-ary coordination introduces an additional conjunction relation for each additional conjunct, working from right to left, in each step taking as arguments the instance or handle of the new conjunct and that of the conjoined phrase to its right.

Motivating Examples

ERS Fingerprints

Nominal coordination:

  abstract_c[ARG0 x1, ARG1 x2, ARG2 x3]
  [ARG0 x2]
  [ARG0 x3]

Non-nominal coordination:

  abstract_c[ARG0 e1, ARG1 h2, ARG2 h3]
  h2:[ARG0 e4]
  h3:[ARG0 e5]



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