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We thought that they barked.
They forgot that they had voted.
She knew who hadn't arrived yet.
He relied on what they said.
How they voted surprised me.
That they voted early surprised me.
Them voting early surprised me.
Their voting early surprised me.
Their early voting surprised me.

ERS Fingerprints

Non-WH finite propositional arguments, and WH clausal non-subject complements of selecting verbs, adjectives, and nouns (eg. doubted/doubtful/doubt whether S):

  [ARG* h1]
  h2:[ARG0 e]

  { h1 =q h2 }

WH-clause subjects, WH-clause complements of prepositions, and nominal and verbal gerunds:

  nominalization[ARG0 x, ARG1 h]
  h:[ARG0 e]



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