Notes on discussion of representation of discourse status and separating it from quantifier rels.

Emily's slides

Lars and Dorothee's presentation on the treatment of definiteness in NorSource: We show how the morpho-syntactic encoding of definiteness is treated in NorSource. Semantically NorSource treats definiteness through interlingua relations accounting for deixis, discourse status and genericity.

Lars & Dorothee's slides

Everyone seemed convinced that it was worthwhile to unpack definiteness (also demonstratives, other indications of discourse status) from the quantifier rels and into features, most likely features of indices. As part of this, we would expect a fairly flat hierarchy of quantifier relation types.

We spent some time wondering about whether putting the information on indices would in fact cause problems. One potential case was:

If it's possible to have differing agreement in the two places (indefinite in one and definite in the other) *and* we still want to identify the index of the gap with the head noun, then there's a problem.

Berthold suggests that we might want to treat relative clauses as anaphora anyway, i.e., not coindex. (This makes relative clause extraposition more tractable, too.)

Open questions:

Emily might make a first attempt at adapting the proposal of Borthen and Haugereid 2005 and including it in the Matrix.

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