The DELPH-IN Standing Committee proposes to hold its second internal working meeting, aiming to bring together developers and active users of DELPH-IN resources to date. The meeting will be held prior to the 11th Annual conference of the European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) at Fefor Høifjellshotell in Norway. Participants will meet for five days, between Tuesday, June 12, and Saturday, June 17, 2006.

Based on earlier meeting participation and introspection about DELPH-IN distribution, the Standing Committee invites researchers from some twenty five R&D sites to participate in the meeting, and between 30 and 45 individuals are expected to be present for the meeting. An up-to-date summary of expected participants can be found on the ParticipantsGroup page.

Aims of the Meeting

The purposes of this meeting are to:

In order to meet these goals, we are breaking the meeting into two parts: the first half will be organized with in-depth sessions, some held in parallel. Discussion in these slots will be technical and will presuppose significant earlier experience with DELPH-IN resources and software. The second half of the week will be plenary and (likely) more varied in content: ranging from site and project updates to strategic and tactical discussion of future activities (and possibly including tutorial elements).

Schedule & Materials

The following members of the Standing Committee have volunteered to help put together the programme for each of the sections:



The Fefor conference hotel is located in the Norwegian Mountains about three hours north of Oslo. For travel to and from Oslo airport, please see the EAMT conference pages.

We have obtained a preliminary group booking at Fefor at a discounted rate of NOK 890 per person. This rate includes accommodation in a single room (with lake view), breakfast, lunch, and dinner, use of the conference facilities (including wireless internet access), and coffee breaks during the day. Participants need to register directly with the hotel (email: informasjon@feforhotell.no) no later than May 1, 2006. Please mention your participation in the DELPH-IN Summit 2006 and confirm your arrival and departure dates, room arrangements, and dietary constraints (if any). At the same time, we will be using the ParticipantsGroup wiki page to keep track of participants, so please sign yourself up there too.

From Oslo airport (called Gardemoen) there is a direct train connection to Vinstra, the train station closest to Fefor. From Vinstra, Fefor is easily reached by taxi (for around NOK 250). Furthermore, we will look into organizing minibus transfers for select train arrivals and departures.

It should be possible to catch a train back to Oslo (or Gardemoen airport for those not staying for the EAMT conference) right after completion of the meeting on Saturday; however, train connections on the following day may afford greater flexibility.

For those having to stay overnight in Oslo prior to their departing flight, the Radisson Gardemoen hotel at the airport may be the most convenient. Using a little more time to explore Oslo, the Radisson Plaza or Astoria hotels are both very close to the downtain train station. The airport express train takes approximately twenty minutes back to Gardemoen.

Should people want to explore some more of Norway, the EAMT pages have some suggestions and pointers. Fefor is also quite close to the Rondane and Dovre mountain ranges for those who enjoy hiking.

When you're packing, don't forget to bring your [???, hiking shoes, insect repellant] because the hotel has/is close to [???]. A local weather forcast can be found here.


The wiki has been populated (and should continue to be populated) with the results of many of the discussions and the slides from the talks. See links from FeforGrammarians, FeforProcessors, FeforRmrs, FeforPlenum.

The conference was widely enjoyed. A few suggestions for future organizers.


Please post conference photos on FeforPhotos!

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