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I want to install the LKB on my local machine, what should I do?

The LKB can downloaded from the DELPH-IN website, for Linux. While there once were versions which ran on Windows and Mac (to varying degrees), the current system (with full functionality) is only available for Linux. Our current advise to non-Linux users is to install VirtualBox and then Knoppix+LKB as a VirtualBox appliance with the DELPH-IN software pre-installed which is maintained by UW.

Some other/older solutions noted below:

Option 1: Install Ubuntu (or another Linux distribution)

This gives you a full Linux installation, and may be the best choice if you want to learn Linux or plan to do a lot of linguistics work on your machine. There is far more linguistics software for Linux than for any other operating system.

Mayo Kudo and Emily Bender have put together a guide to installing Ubuntu and LKB.



Option 2: Install andLinux

andLinux is a special Linux version that runs in parallel with Windows. For step-by-step instructions on installing it and getting LKB running, see this tutorial.



Option 3: Knoppix+LKB

Knoppix+LKB is a bootable CD with Emacs and LKB pre-installed. It can be booted directly from the CD, installed manually under VirtualBox, or run as a VirtualBox appliance.



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(The DELPH-IN infrastructure is hosted at the University of Oslo)