You can run INDRA using Answer Constraint Engine (ACE) (see AceTop).

INDRA can be compiled using the following command.

$ ace -g ace/config.tdl -G ind.dat

When parsing sentences, the Linguistic User Interface (LUI) can be invoked by using an option -l (see AceOptions and LkbLui).

$ ace -g ind.dat -l

You can use the YY mode for your input of parsing.

Option -T is used to show MRSes and option -f to format each EP on its own line when printing MRSes. For example, to see the MRSes for anjing menggonggong "dogs bark":

$ echo "anjing menggonggong" | ace -g ind.dat -Tf

Option -e is used to generate all possible sentences from the MRSes.

$ echo "anjing menggonggong" | ace -g ind.dat -Tf | ace -g ind.dat -e

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