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Information here describes the syntax-based discriminants. This mode can be chosen as follows:

(setf lkb::*tree-discriminants-mode* :classic)

The default discriminant mode is :classic, but in the LOGON distribution it defaults to :modern. This is to enable discriminant-based MRS comparison, which is also applicable to parsers other than the LKB or PET (e.g. when using MRS-enabled XLE grammars).


Create a ".tsdbrc" file to set options for treebanking. Dan highly suggests setting the number of analyses and results to 500; 100 is too few and 1000 is no fun. You will need 2Gb+ of memory for this task, so if you don't have this much, find another machine.

(setf tsdb::*tsdb-maximal-number-of-results* 500)
(setf tsdb::*tsdb-maximal-number-of-analyses* 500)


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