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This page presents user-supplied information, hence may be inaccurate in some details, or not necessarily reflect use patterns anticipated by the [incr tsdb()] developers. This page was initiated by FrancisBond; please feel free to make additions or corrections as you see fit. However, before revising this page, one should be reasonably confident of the information given being correct.

Debugging Distributed Mode

communication error -6

(tsdb::tsdb :cpu :jacy :file t)
initialize-cpus(): `merlot' communication error [-6].

This normally means that the hostname is wrong. Check using pvm what hosts pvmd thinks are available. A common mistake is to use merlot instead of merlot.domain.county or the other way round.

communication error -7

(tsdb::tsdb :cpu :jacy :file t)
initialize-cpus(): `merlot' communication error [-7].

Check that the path to the grammar, cheap instance and so on are correct. Also that cheap and tsdb are linked to the same version of the pvm libraries.

client exit for 'user'

(tsdb::tsdb :cpu :jacy :file t)

[t40002] BEGIN
[t40002] Reading ...
[t40002] EOF
  wait-for-clients(): client exit for 'user' <262146>

This probably means that cheap has died! Try calling cheap as: cheap -tsdb language.grm to see if it is working properly in tsdb mode. This was a common problem in 2004.

parse-interactively(): error `maximum number of active sessions exhausted'

If after loading your grammar, the parser, the transfer grammar, and the generator, you encounter such in error then it might be that your ~/tmp directory contains some old rubbish .pvm files that need to be removed manually.

Keyboard Freeze

If you are using SCIM as an input mode (the default for recent Debian and Ubuntu), then the keyboard may freeze when you try to type in the podium.

Three fixes:

sudo apt-get install scim-bridge

sudo apt-get remove scim scim-bridge
sudo apt-get install uim uim-el

Podium font too big

Add a scaling factor to your .swishrc

tk scaling -displayof . 1.0

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