LexDB Emacs Interface (lexdb-mode)

HOW TO edit entries in the LexDB

The LexDB-Emacs interface allows editing of lexical entries from within an Emacs environment (with browsing functionality, field completion, etc.). New revision entries are first stored in the users private schema, and hence are visible only to the particular user.

0. Add the following (path adjusted for your setup) to your .emacs file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/delphin/lkb/lexdb")
(load "pg-interface")

1. In GNU Emacs: M-x lexdb to enter LexDB major mode. Then see the PG menu.

Available commands in LexDB major mode are:

C-l : load (active revision of lexical entry) into Emacs

C-c C-c : commit (edited/new revision of) lexical entry into LexDB

TAB : field completion

M-TAB l : get (ring of) entries in table lex where value of current field matches that in buffer

M-TAB r : get (ring of) entries in union of rev tables where value of current field matches that in buffer

M-n : cycle through ring of entries obtained above

M-s : as M-TAB, but explicitly specify field value

M-va : view entries added in merge operation from dump file

M-vs : view entries in user's privat rev

To remove a lexical entry from the current lexicon lex, create a (head) revision where the dead field is set to t (true) rather than f (false). In this manner we keep a revision history even for entries which are no longer used (and such entries can be reactivated if necessary). No revision entry should ever be deleted from the lexical database itself.

Searching the Lexicon

Moving around within a search result

Changing the Lexicon

Redisplaying a Changed Entry

Saving/Restoring the Lexicon

Starting the Lexicon Editing Mode

Note: the interface talks to the database through the lkb, so you have to have the lkb and the relevant grammar loaded to do anything.


You can install the emacs interface by adding the following lines (or something similar) to your .emacs:

  (autoload 'lexdb 
     "LexDB interface for the LKB" t)

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