The DELPH-IN Standing Committee proposed to hold a first internal working meeting, aiming to bring together developers and active users of DELPH-IN resources to date. The meeting will be held prior to the International HPSG Conference in Lisboa (Portugal); participants will meet for three full days, between Thursday, August 18, and Saturday, August 20, 2005.

Based on introspection about DELPH-IN distribution, the Standing Committee invited researchers from some twenty R&D sites to participate in the meeting, and around 35 individuals are expected to be present for the meeting. An up-to-date summary of expected participants can be found on the ParticipantsGroup page.

Aims of the Meeting

The purposes of this meeting are:

In order to meet these goals, we are designing a program which consists primarily of time for participants to present their current activities (20 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion), in addition to several organized discussions.

Schedule & Materials

A more-or-less finalized schedule is available at LisbonScheduleIdeas. Slide copies and minutes for discussion slots are available in many cases (linked from the title cell in the schedule). Presenters and scribes, please add links and materials as you see fit!


The DELPH-IN meeting is borrowing infrastructure from the HPSG Conference organizers; specifically, Antonio Branco helped a great deal in preparing the meeting. DELPH-IN participants will meet at the same site as the main HPSG Conference: detailed instructions are available from the HPSG web pages. Participants will need to make their own hotel arrangements, but again the HPSG conference site provides some recommendations.

DELPH-IN participants will be served a warm lunch on all three days of the meeting. Drinks and snacks will be available for individual purchase at the meeting site throughout the day. To recover the cost of renting a room and network service from the University of Lisbon and to pay for the lunches, participants will be charged a registration fee of EUR 70, to be paid (cash) during the meeting. We will supply receipts for the registration fee.

Pictures of the event

See the pictures from the DELPH-IN meeting held in Lisbon on the LisbonPictures page.

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