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[http://www.computational-semantics.com/webshare/inv-3-hierarchy-lkb.png] [[http://www.computational-semantics.com/webshare/inv-3-hierarchy-lkb.png]]

This page is a repository for documenting known issues with the LKB such that they can be investigated and corrected, should developers visit or revisit the relevant areas of the code.

  • In the following full type hierarchy:

a := *top*.
b := *top*.
d := a & b.
c := b.
e := a & c.
f := a & c.

the LKB establishes a type hierarchy with redundant edges from a - f and a - e:


One expects a graph with 10 edges, rather than 12, since ‘a’ already subsumes both ‘f’ and ‘e’ via ‘glbtype1’ and ‘glbtype2’.

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