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Clear message

This page is a repository for documenting known issues with the LKB such that they can be investigated and corrected, should developers visit or revisit the relevant areas of the code.

a := *top*.
b := *top*.
d := a & b.
c := b.
e := a & c.
f := a & c.

the LKB establishes a type hierarchy with redundant edges from a - f and a - e:

One expects a graph with 10 edges, rather than 12, since ‘a’ already subsumes both ‘f’ and ‘e’ via ‘glbtype1’ and ‘glbtype2’. This bug is present in the Allegro CL version of the LKB, but is fixed in the fully open source version, LKB-FOS.

(The DELPH-IN infrastructure is hosted at the University of Oslo)