This page contains some vain attempts to document and thus maybe eventually standardize some of the conventions used when writing grammars.


Information about the version of the grammar is kept in a string called *grammar-version*, defined in a file usually called Version.lsp. This is read in the lkb/script and pet/flop.set, as well as external utilities that care about the grammar version, such as the lextype-db. It is conventionally of the form "name (version)", where version is normally some kind of date.


(defparameter *grammar-version* "LinGO (20-Dec-06)")
(defparameter *grammar-version* "Jacy (2007-10-10)")
(defparameter *grammar-version* "NorSource (Jan-06)")
(defparameter *grammar-version* "NoEn (27-aug-04)")
(defparameter *grammar-version* "GG (Jul_2006)")
(defparameter *grammar-version* "pseudo_japanese (Matrix-10-2006)")

Suggested convention

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