The Linguistic Type Database provides some documentation for grammars made with the LKB.

The code can be found on github:

This page is a very rough initial introduction and is somewhat out of date, the github is more up to date.

The Linguistic Type Database (LTDB, née Lextype DB), describes types and rules of the grammar with frequency information from the treebank. Lexical types can be seen as detailed parts-of-speech and are the essence for the two important points just mentioned. Information about a lexical type that the LTDB provides includes its linguistic characteristics; examples of usage from a treebank; the way it is implemented in a grammar; and correspon- dences to major computational dictionaries. It consists of a database management system and a web-based interface, and is constructed semi- automatically. Currently, we have applied the LTDB to grammars and treebanks of English, Japanese and Spanish.

The software was written by ChikaraHashimoto and FrancisBond, and uses the html output provided by StephanOepen.

The minimal Linguistic Type Database offers the following:

New in 2014 (coming soon):

Earlier versions of the lexical type database also included links to external references and other lexicons. We hope to revive them at some stage.

Sample In Line Documentation

; <type val="n_-_c_le">
; <description>Intransitive count noun (icn)    
; <ex>The dog barked.
; <nex>
; <todo>
; </type>
n_-_c_le := n_intr_lex_entry.

; <type val="case-p-lex-np-kara">
; <name-ja>承名詞受身主格助詞
; <description>名詞の直後について、受身文の主格(実際にその行為を行うもの)を表す助詞「から」。
; <ex>子供 が 親 から たしなめ られる
; <nex>友人 から 自転車 を 買う
; <todo>(07-03-30)間接受身でも使えるようにすべき。(lkb::do-parse-tty "親戚 から 怒ら れる")
; (07-03-30)「〜」はこのtypeでよいのか?(格として取ることがないため)
; (07-03-30)postp-lexの後につくtypeも必要。(lkb::do-parse-tty "子供 が 親 とか から たしなめ られる")
; </type>
case-p-lex-np-kara := case-p-lex-np &
                        [SYNSEM.LOCAL.CAT.HEAD.CASE kara-case].


Currently the Lexical Type Database is distributed with the LKB, in lkb/src/ltdb. There is a README file that describes how to build the database. In summary:

./make-ltdb.bash --grm GRAMMAR


./make-ltdb.bash --grm jacy

If you have any gold treebanks

./make-trees.bash --grm GRAMMAR

(slow if you have a lot of trees, needs a fair bit of memory)

Note: if the current grammar version is very different to that used to make the treebanks, many trees will not be exported.

Everything is installed to ~/public_html/GRAMMAR_VERSION


In ubuntu you can satisfy the dependencies by installing LOGON and the following packages:

sudo apt-get install libdbd-sqlite3-perl sp libxml-dom-perl apache2

To enable CGI in user directories, add the following lines to the appropriate Apache configuration file. That could be /etc/apache2/httpd.conf, or more correctly, the appropriate file in /etc/apache2/site-enabled/.

<Directory /home/*/public_html/cgi-bin/>
   Options ExecCGI
   SetHandler cgi-script


To Do

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