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This page describes the use of LaTeX/PostScript with the DELPH-IN tools.


The LKB allows you to print postscript snapshots of many windows by clicking on the print button. This may not work for non-ascii scripts.

There are also macros for creating LaTeX from the xml output, developed as part of the Heart of Gold.


You can export postscript from the Linguistic User Interface (LUI) by pressing p and LaTeX by pressing l. The postscript may not work for non-ascii scripts.

The LaTeX export from LUI uses avm.sty for AVMs, and qtree.sty for trees.

LOGON web demonstrator

The LOGON web demonstrator allows you to export LaTeX parse and derivation trees, as well as MRS.

The LaTeX export from these demonstrators assumes a set of custom macros for MRS formatting (mrs.sty), and further the standard LaTeX package qtree.sty, for the syntax trees. Further, qtree.sty requires pict2e.sty (which it will load automatically) and mrs.sty assumes relsize.sty has been loaded, and some commands use pstricks.


A vain attempt to gather some macros that may be generally useful for describing systems.

e.g.:  \newcommand{\itsdb}{\textsf{\lbrack incr tsdb()\rbrack}}  for [incr tsdb()].

(The DELPH-IN infrastructure is hosted at the University of Oslo)