Linux distributions differ, particularly so in the selection of tools and libraries pre-installed in standard configurations. This page provides Arch Linux-specific information related to installing and operating the LOGON infrastructure (for general installation guidelines, please see the LogonInstallation page). The information on this page is user-provided documentation. As you extend or revise the page, please take care to spell out (a) the specific problem to be addressed, including observable symptoms; (b) the exact platform (32- or 64-bit) and version of the distribution affected; and (c) the exact procedure to be applied for fixing the problem.

General Note

Arch Linux is very much a do-it-yourself distribution, and after installation you will be presented with a very basic system. Therefore, necessary packages may vary widely from one user to another. In general, packages available from the standard repositories are very up-to-date, so most issues will likely be with library version compatibility.

32-bit Compatibility Libraries

In my system, I run the full Gnome3 environment (including GDM, gnome-shell, gtk3 libraries, etc). LOGON wasn't the first thing I installed, so there may be other dependencies already fulfilled (and thus not listed here), but I only had trouble with libjpeg and libpng.

I had libjpeg8 installed, but LOGON was expecting version 6 (specifically You can find version 6 in the AUR (, but I had success simply symlinking the version 8 binary (note, my version was 8.0.2, but your exact version may differ):

sudo ln -s /lib/ /lib/

The symlinking technique did not work with libpng, but luckily the right version was in the standard repositories:

sudo pacman -S libpng12

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