In July 2009, at the time of the annual DELPH-IN Summit (see the BarcelonaTop page for background), a new tagged release of the LOGON infrastructure (see the LogonTop page for details) becomes available. This page documents (some of) the updates and extensions provided in this snapshot.

New Modules

Cheetah (coli/cheetah/) is a new grammar of German, essentially adapting the approach of Miyao et al. (in the Tokyo EnJu system) to the DELPH-IN formalism and TiGer Treebank. Bart Cramer is the principal developer of Cheetah.

HAG (crysmann/hag/) is a (nascent version of a) grammar of Hausa. Berthold Crysmann is the principal developer of HAG.

KRG is now included with the LOGON tree (see the Section SVN Specifics below for details, as we are starting to experiment with SVN externals definition, rather than including a separate copy of KRG in the LOGON SVN repository).

The Lexical Type Database (LTDB) is now distributed with the LKB sources, which in turn is part of the LOGON tree.


Add-On Components

SVN Specifics

Tested (Looking Good)

Remaining Tests

  $LOGONROOT/parse --binary --erg+tnt --count 6 --best 500 cb

  $LOGONROOT/parse --binary --wiki --count 6 --best 1 ws01

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(The DELPH-IN infrastructure is hosted at the University of Oslo)