The LOGON consortium holds its final meeting from June 6 through June 8, 2007, in Geilo, Norway. Focussing on its Norwegian-English MT demonstrator, the consortium will highlight scientific accomplishments, present and discuss black- and glass-box evaluation results on held-out data, reflect on strong and weak points of the approach, and discuss follow-up activities. These pages will, over time, provide useful information to participants, both organizational and content-wise. Please check regularly for updates and additional information.

Structure of the Meeting

The meeting will be broken into two parts, of which the first day (Wednesday) is an internal meeting of contributors to the LOGON book. For the second half of the meeting (Thursday and Friday), the project has invited a number of former LOGON participants (including recipients of MSc stipends), and a small number of external experts. Thursday will focus on project results, including the presentation (and discussion) of an in-depth output quality evaluation, by virtue of human judgments on held-out data, which the consortium is currently gathering. The final day of the meeting will be more workshop-like, jointly reflecting on perspectives for further hybridization of MT approaches and our views on the utility (if any) of `deep' NLP paradigms in general. Guests will be invited to contribute presentations on their own work and visions.


The meeting will be held at Dr. Holms Hotel in Geilo, Norway. Geilo is a mountain village in Southern Norway and traditional winter resort. It is best reached in a little over three hours by train from either Oslo or Bergen. In Geilo, the hotel is within easy walking distance from the train station (around 250 meters, according to Jan Tore). The hotel is prepared to pick up participants from the station; please make prior arrangements with the hotel directly, in case you require transfer assistance in Geilo. For travel to and from Oslo airport, please see the EAMT 2006 conference pages. The airport express train takes approximately twenty minutes between Gardermoen (the airport) and Oslo S (the main train station).

It will be possible to catch a train back to Bergen or Oslo right after completion of the meeting on Friday; however, train connections on the following day may afford greater flexibility for those traveling abroad.

For those having to stay overnight in Oslo prior to their departing flight, the Radisson Gardemoen hotel at the airport may be the most convenient. Using a little more time to explore Oslo, the Radisson Plaza or Astoria hotels are both very close to the downtain train station.

Should people want to explore some more of Norway, the EAMT pages have some suggestions and pointers. Geilo is a good starting location for the famed Norway in a Nutshell tour.


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