Documentation for the Grammar Matrix Customization Morphology (Morphotactics) Library


This document explains how to fill out the Lexicon page of the Grammar Matrix Customization questionnaire and presents background information on the person library of the Grammar Matrix Customization System (Bender et al., 2002; Bender and Flickinger, 2005; Bender et al., 2010). General instructions on using the questionnaire can be found here.

The Morphology page interacts with virtually every library in the customization system. On the Lexicon page, the user can define various lexical types. The features and values available to use in the definition of these lexical types depend on the answers to other parts of the questionnaire. In addition, the morphotactics library provides support for defining the ordering of and dependencies between affixes.

Citing the Morphology Library

The standard citation for the morphology library is Goodman 2012, an initial version was made and described in Drellishak 2009. The full references can be found here.



The morphology page morphotactic properties for nouns, verbs, adjectives, copulas, and determiners can be defined. The library allows you to define the position of the morphemes and grammatical properties associated to it. It does not cover morphophonological phenomena.

The general analysis of inflection posits a stem defined on the Lexicon page, position classes which define a minimal set of affixes, a hierarchy of lexical rule types which define features, and a collection of affixes, known as lexical rule instances. Notably, different lexical rules might have homophonous lexical rule instances.

For each of nouns, verbs, adjectives, copulas, and determiners, users can define multiple position classes, a hierarchy of lexical rule types for each position class, and lexical rules instances for each hierarchy. Different options are available for position classes and lexical rule types for each part of speech type. See below for details.

Noun Inflection

Verb Inflection

Adjective Inflection

Copula Inflection

Determiner Inflection


Upcoming Work


Goodman, Michael. 2012. Generation of Machine-Readable Morphological Rules from Human-Readable Input.

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