Getting Started with the Grammar Matrix

This page provides pointers for getting started with the Grammar Matrix customization system.

Where is the Matrix?

The customization system can be accessed from the following web page:

Where can I find instructions on filling out the questionnaire?

Most of the libraries in the Grammar Matrix have at least some documentation on the MatrixDoc pages.

Note that filling out the questionnaire is an iterative process. To get as much as possible out of the customization system, you should develop a test suite illustrating the phenomena covered by the questionnaire in the language you are modeling and then develop different versions of your ‘choices’ file (the file containing your answers to the questionnaire), iteratively testing the resulting grammar on your test suite. Furthermore, it is always wise to start small and extend incrementally. Even with morphologically complex languages, your very first version of your grammar should have a full-form lexicon. Once you see that working (and parsing a few sentences), you can go back and do the morphology. If you have a lot of morphological rules to add, for example, try one or two and see how they work before fleshing out full paradigms.

In addition, EmilyBender's course pages for Ling567 at UW may be helpful. These course pages are updated each time the course is taught (roughly annually), but typically follow the same schedule:

What other software do I need?

You'll want the LKB (LkbTop) or ace (AceTop), a text editor (preferably emacs), and [incr tsdb()]. Typically, the easiest way to get set up is with the Ubuntu+LKB Virtual Box appliance, maintained at UW.

How about papers I can read?

The key references for the Grammar Matrix are the following two papers:

A complete list of publications from the Grammar Matrix project is available on the project home page.

What else might be helpful?

Once you are working with tdl editing, the GrammarEngineeringFaq pages may be helpful. The feature geometry cheat sheets at the bottom of GeFaqFeatureGeometry are particularly popular.

Where can I send questions?

Please check out the DELPH-IN QA Discourse site and post questions there.

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