Thanks to Ning Chuang.

(note, this is in progress)

11 It rained.
21 Abrams barked.
31 The window opened.
41 Abrams chased Browne.
51 Abrams handed Browne the cigarette.
61 Abrams handed the cigarette to Browne.
71 Abrams bet Browne a cigarette that it rained.
81 Abrams knew that it rained.
91 Abrams intended to bark.

101 Abrams intended Browne to bark.

111 Every cat barked.
121 Every cat chased some dog.
131 My cat barked.
141 It barked.
151 The cat chased it.

161 The cat chased itself.

171 The cat chased one.

181 Mine barked.

191 That opened.

201 Cats bark.

211 Tobacco arrived.

221 Some bark.

231 Some of the cats bark.

241 No cat barked.

251 Did the dog bark?

261 Which dog barked?

271 Whose dog barked?

281 Chase Browne!

291 Abrams wondered which dog barked.

301 Abrams wondered whether Browne barked.

311 The dog that Browne chased barked.

321 The dog to chase is barking.

331 The dog was chased by Browne.

341 The dog chased by Browne barked.

351 The dog is barking.

361 The dog has barked.

371 The dog has been barking.

381 The dog had been barking.

391 The dog will bark.

401 The dog is going to bark.

411 The dog could bark.

421 The dog couldn't bark.

431 The old dog barked.

441 The dog barked softly.

451 The dog probably barked.

461 The dog barked in the garden.

471 The dog barks now.

481 The garden dog barked.

491 The tobacco garden dog barked.

501 The cat is old.

511 The cat is in the garden.

521 The barking dog chased Browne.

531 Chased dogs bark.

541 Chasing the cat is old.

551 That the cat chases Browne is old.

561 Dogs chase whatever barks.

571 The dog barked every day.

581 When did the dog bark?

591 Three of the dogs bark.

601 Three bark.

611 Browne's dog barks.

621 Browne's barks.

631 Twenty three dogs bark.

641 Two hundred twenty dogs bark.

651 Abrams arrived by car.

661 Abrams kept barking.

671 Browne squeezed the cat in.

681 Browne squeezed in the cat.

691 The picture of Abrams arrived.

701 Abrams wiped the table clean.

711 Abrams put Browne in the garden.

721 The dog will bark if Browne arrives.

731 Abrams and Browne arrived.

741 Abrams, Browne, and the dog arrived.

751 The dog arrived and barked.

761 The dog arrived and Browne barked.

771 The dog barked, didn't it?

781 It is obvious that the dog barked.

791 Abrams promised Browne to bark.

801 Abrams seems to bark.

811 Abrams believes Browne to be barking.

821 It bothered Abrams that Browne barked.

831 It took Abrams ten minutes to arrive.

841 Abrams left it to Browne to bark.

851 Abrams strikes Browne as old.

861 Browne considers Abrams old.

871 Abrams liked the idea that Browne could bark.

881 Abrams barked from ten to three.

891 Abrams was very old.

901 Nearly every dog barked.

911 Abrams barked very softly.

921 Browne's chasing of cats bothered Abrams.

931 It bothered Browne that Abrams chased cats.
941 June third arrived.
951 Abrams arrived at three twenty.
961 Browne arrived on Tuesday morning.
971 The cats found a way to bark.
981 The happier dog chased Browne.
991 There were cats in the garden.
1001 That dog chased Browne.
1011 Somebody chased Abrams.
1021 How happy was Abrams?
1031 The number five bothers Browne.
1041 Abrams could.
1051 Browne tried to.
1061 Don't bark!
1071 The dog arrived barking.

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