Upon completion of the scientific programme on Thursday early afternoon, we will take advantage of the nice Oslo summer weather and take people (who are up for it) along a walk of the new waterfront. The city has undergone major development down there (replacing a freeway running along the waterfront with new neighborhoods and landmarks), and this process is still on-going.

In principle, there is no need for all of us to stay (and move along) together in one large group; it will thus be easy (and might be effective) to break up into smaller sub-groups and skip parts of the tour, or just meet up with us at the final destination for dinner. In case you need to get in contact with me, send email or WhatsApp me at (+47) 4546 6632.

Joint Dinner

We hold a reservation for a table at 19:30 in a restaurant by the Fjord in the new Sørenga neighborhood (where one could take a quick dip in the water beforehand). This is a comparatively informal (and not too expensive) plance in a nice location; it will offer us a choice of hamburgers, including a vegetarian option. Diners will need to pay their own food and drink.


The waterfront walk leading us towards the restaurant will start on the opposite end of the Oslo Bay, in the Tjuvholmen neighborhood. Stephan will lead a trip there, using public transport, from the meeting venue leaving shortly after 15:00. We will arrive at one of the landmarks down there around a quarter to four: Astrup Fearnley Museum. This is not huge collection, so people could decide to take a quick tour of the museum, or stay outside and appreciate the area and views. We will move on around 16:45, to head past the old Oslo Town Hall (with its impressive time piece on the front tower) and through the ancient Akershus Fortress. We will not have a lot of time to appreciate the historic wealth of the place, i.e. will not visit any of the exhibitions; but there will be nice views from on top of the Fortress walls.

The next destination on the waterfront walk may leave the Fjord temporarily and head straight through the (dull) financial district towards the Oslo Opera House, which we plan to reach around 18:15. For cardiovascular exercise, we will climb up onto the roof of the Opera and may briefly peek inside (to appreciate the iceberg metaphor). From there, we continue towards the most recent addition to downtown Oslo, across the waters towards Sørenga, the beach, and dinner.

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