The 2017 DELPH-IN Summit will be hosted by StephanOepen at the University of Oslo from Monday, August 7, to Friday, August 11, 2017. Following the ‘classic’ format for these meetings, the first three days (Monday through Wednesday) will be organized as one plenary session, with updates from DELPH-IN member sites, discussions, demonstrations, and more. The programme for these days will be constructed collectively beforehand, with EmilyBender and DanFlickinger acting as the 2017 Programme Chairs. The final two days (Thursday and Friday) will be (even) more informal in nature and provide opportunities for more specialized ‘sub-group’ discussions, typically with two parallel sessions and three to five meeting slots spread out through the day.

We will be using the OsloParticipants wiki page to keep track of invitations and likely participation; please self-register by editing that page, adding your arrival and departure days on the line following your name.


August in Norway remains prime tourist season, and it is advisable to make accommodation arrangements as early as possible. The University of Oslo has made a bulk reservation for Summmit participants at a hotel that is located in walking distance both to the university campus and to downtown Oslo, the Hotel Gyldenløve. Until July 17, the hotel guarantees availability at a disounted rate of NOK 1042 per day, for a single room including breakfast, network access, and unlimited toilet paper. To take advantage of this offer, please email their booking department at and use block code 070817UNIV and booking reference 24740243.

For other accommodation options, please see the Official Travel Guide to Oslo, in particular its Budget Accommodation Summary.


The main Oslo airport (OSL; called Gardermoen in Norwegian) is connected to the city center by a twenty-some–minute ride on the high-speed airport express train. The port of Oslo is also accessible by sea, with daily connections to Gothenburg (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Kiel (Germany). The Sandefjord airport (TRF) is somewhat mis-leadingly nicknamed ‘Oslo Torp’ by some low-cost airlines. It is connected to the city of Oslo by a two-hour bus ride.


The schedule for this Summit (updated as the week proceeds) can be found on the OsloSchedule page.


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