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|| 2-3 July || [wiki:ParisSchedule In-group plenary] ||
|| 4-5 July || [wiki:ParisSchedule Sub-group meetings] ||
|| 2-3 July || In-group plenary ||
|| 4-5 July || Sub-group meetings ||

The sixth [http://www.delph-in.net DELPH-IN] Summit will be held between July 2 - 6, 2010 in Paris, France, immediately preceding HPSG 2010. Please register the dates you intend to attend on the ParticipantsGroup page.

There is no registration fee for the summit. The HPSG organizers do hope delph-in participants will consider to stay for the HPSG conference and register for the conference.


The Summit will be held at two locations:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

Linguistics department Université Paris 7

Address: 30, rue du chateau des rentiers, Paris 13

Monday, Tuesday:

Chicago center

Address: 6, rue Thomas Mann Paris 13

Both locations are indicated on this [http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=115273019064455425635.00047e2108945d9b1602c&ll=48.836362,2.321377&spn=0.077059,0.154324&z=13&iwloc=00047e263930105471d63 map]


Because this is main tourist season in Paris, it is important to make arrangements early (i.e. start now)! Anne Abeillé has made special arrangements reserving 10 rooms in Hotel Manet for DELPH-IN participants. (Mention Anne's name and Institution Université Paris 7 to get the special rate):

[http://www.hotelmanet.com/ http://www.hotelmanet.com/]

the special rate is

  • 65 euros for a single room
  • 72 euros for a double room with one double bed
  • 83 euros for a double room with two single beds

all rooms have free wifi

The breakfast is a buffet and costs 7,50 euros extra

The rooms are reserved until February 15th only, but can be canceled until 24 hours prior to arrival without charge, so it is safe to book even if you are not sure whether you can attend.

Here is a [http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=115273019064455425635.00047e2108945d9b1602c&ll=48.836362,2.321377&spn=0.077059,0.154324&z=13&iwloc=00047e263930105471d63 map] with information about recommended hotels in the same area:

For more information and links on recommended hotels see the [http://hpsg2010.linguist.univ-paris-diderot.fr/information HPSG 2010] pages.


2-3 July

In-group plenary

4-5 July

Sub-group meetings

6 July

[wiki:ParisOpen Outward-facing plenary]

Previous and Future Meetings

  • 2011 7th Summit: Seattle
  • 2010 6th Summit: Paris (co-located with HPSG)
  • 2009 5th Summit: [wiki:BarcelonaTop Barcelona]

  • 2008 4th Summit: [wiki:KyotoTop Kyoto] (co-located with HPSG)

  • 2007 3rd Summit: [wiki:BerlinTop Berlin]

  • 2006 2nd Summit: [wiki:FeforTop Fefor]

  • 2005 1st Summit: [wiki:LisbonTop Lisbon] (co-located with HPSG)

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