Reverse Idiot, as played by DELPH-INites

This game is also known as "Contact" and played with slight variations. Below is the variation as played in DELPH-IN circles.

High-level overview


It: My word starts with m.

A: Is it supernatural?

It: Not it is not magic.

B: Is it useful for measuring?

It: Not it is not the metric system.

B [refining their clue]: Is it useful for measuring temperature?

C: Got it! [Holds up hands and starts counting down from 10]

C [Having gotten to 0]: Mercury?

B: Yes, that was my word!

It: The next letter is a.

C: Is it a bland condiment?

It: It might be...

A: Got it! [After counting down] Mayonnaise.

It: Yep, that's it. [At this point, C or A is the next It.]

Side cases, further notes

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