This page discusses some of the known issues with paraphrasing, with especial reference to (R)MRS. It also tells you how to paraphrase using MRS in the LKB.

Paraphrasing in the LKB

Paraphrasing using rules

Put your paraphrasing rules in a file, and load it in the lkb/script file.

;;; transfer rules for paraphrasing
  (lkb-pathname (parent-directory) ""))
 "Paraphrasing Rules"
 :filter nil :task :paraphrase)

Then when you parse something, a menu item Rephrase should appear, and this will apply the paraphrase rules to the selected parse, and then generate from the paraphrase. If you don't get generated output, try first doing Start Server from the Generate menu.

Paraphrasing rules are done with the same transfer rules used in MT and generation. An example is given below. This will paraphrase "We gave a demo of the system" -> "We demoed the system".

give+demo_mtr := light_verb_mtr &
[ INPUT.RELS <! [ PRED "_give_v_1_rel" ],
                [ PRED "_demo_n_rel", ARG1 #arg1 ],
                [ PRED _of_p_sel_rel ], 
                [ PRED _a_q_rel ] !>,
  OUTPUT.RELS <! [ PRED "_demo_v_rel", ARG2 #arg1 ] !> ].

You also need to add the type definitions for the rules, in a file called mtr.tdl and load it in the script file. Note: copying this from the ERG is a good start, although your definition of *list* may be different (e.g., list).

You may also have to set up the translation grid parameter. For Jacy it is:

(setf *translate-grid* '(:ja . (:ja)))

This says that the grammar can act as a generator server for Japanese ourselves and will send off generation requests (from selection `Rephrase' on the parse summary view or `Generate' on the LOGON MRS browser) to a Japanese server, i.e. ourselves. likewise,

Paraphrasing using Underspecification

General Discussion

From the meeting in Cambridge 2008-05-24

Dan showed off the paraphraser in the ERG.

Two current approaches

Uses of paraphrasing

Who is working on Paraphrase/rule extraction?

What are some phenomena we can handle now? (can we map them to situation types: LH?)


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