Notes from discussion regarding format:

Tim: Shoudl we consider posters?

Bec/Emily: No

Tim/group: -- or virtual poster gallery; time for demos (and call for demos)

Woodley: if there's a paper published on it I can read the paper, but talking to you face to face can only be here

Group: Site updates good, but don't get into the details of the work

Bec: thematic talk sessions followed by un-topiced discussion slots that can be taken over by discussion of what came up from the talks

Francis: description of the summit should include invitation to new folks to track down insiders to ask for help with running software, to help people not be shy

Ann: But don't want to rely on one-on-one. If someone still needs help after reading the wiki page, maybe the person receiving help should update the wiki.

oe: the developers list is currently the best channel

Francis: Policy at NTU is that if anyone receives help on developers, they are responsible for putting the info on the wiki as well

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