The 9th DELPH-IN Summit will be held from Monday, July 29, to Friday August 2, 2013 (the week before ACL 2013 in Sofia), in St. Wendel, a small town in northeastern Saarland.

The meeting will take place at the Angel's Hotel (am Fruchtmarkt) located in the heart of the town. We have blocked 30 standard-double rooms (for single guest use) for 74 EUR (tax included) per room per night, including free wifi and buffet breakfast. Please make your booking with the hotel (email to reservierung@angels-dashotel.de mentioning "DELPH-IN/DFKI") before 5th July.

Please register for the 2013 DELPH-IN Summit on the SaarlandParticipants page.

Registration Fee

The registration fee will be 150 EUR per person. (Costs are partially offset by contribution from DFKI.) The registration fee covers meeting room rental, coffee breaks and lunch for all five days.

Travel Info

Aims of the Meeting

The purposes of this meeting are to:


Weather forecast for Sankt Wendel, Saarland

Following the Summit tradition, we plan on Wednesday afternoon a trip to Bostalsee, the largest lake in Saarland and now a locally popular recreation center, some 20km to the northwest of Sankt Wendel. (The Google map satellite image shows an outdated picture taken a few years ago when the lake was almost dried up. The location has since been significantly reshaped. The Bing map's satellite image is more up-to-date and appealing.) Recreation Center Bostalsee offers various activity options, including rental motor/peddle boats, windsurfing, fishing (license required), cycling, access to lake beach & swimming, or simply a relaxing 6.8km walk around the lake (mostly paved roads). Please pack your equipments accordingly (walking shoes, swimsuits, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, etc.). Public transportation from the hotel to Bostalsee takes about 35 minutes, transferring just once at the nearby town Türkismühle, where our banquet will start from 19:00 at Schreiner's Restaurant (Saarbrückerstr.34, 66625 Nohfelden, 200m from the Türkismühle train station).

Getting there:

Summit Program

The schedule is available on SaarlandSchedule.


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(The DELPH-IN infrastructure is hosted at the University of Oslo)