Rough transcript from DELPH-IN 2013 Summit discussion about usability and ease of set-up + PaperCuts. If your comments are not accurately represented, please make the necessary changes.

Ann: Huge barrier to use DELPH-IN stuff, talking to students.

Glenn: Do a demo of Agree, Agree should be easier to use for Windows users.

Ann: Who looks at the download page of the wiki, messy, should be radically simplified: use Agree if you are a W user and so on.

Bec: in Oslo, found out that the glossary page would be a great index to point people to the right page for the right page, e.g. to do BatchProcessing.

Ann: often hard to find the right page on the Wiki, wonders if it is google indexed. The wiki search is hard to use.

Bec: frontpage index ~ gloss

Ann: archive developers list helps but hard to find again; thinking about this from the perspective of newcomers, who do not care so much about details of syntax ; lack applications, e.g. toy grammars, show an analysis that is used for some task, e.g. the Box world Lars talked about; plea: if anybody has something in that line, please put it on the wiki so that people can try and test it; treebanks are there, but very hard to use ; lacks an example page: download this treebank, do this and that with it; David had issues with downloading the ERG.

David: managed to download it but won't compile on the latest Debian; would be nice to have some way of asking somebody for help on this; for VB, google and find something; online QA platforms. Is there anything like this?

Ann: make the developers ml into something easier to search.

Antske: comes up in google when you search for some things.

Mike: there is a way to query more easily.

Woodley: why have you tried to compile PET for yourself?

David: documentation was saying I had to compile it.

Woodley: logon distribution

Oe: last year made an effort to provide a ‘turn-key’ solution for novice ERG users.

David: still stripping information to try and get what I want from the ERG; yesterday fantastic info about VirtualBox

Emily: the external ERG frontpage should point to the nice page about using the ERG

Dan and Oe (with a short delay): done now

Woodley to David: starting point?

David: PET install.

Dan: should add a warning "you should not be reading this"

Various: PET wiki page vs PET dfki page

Mike: papercuts

Francis: papercuts: Ubuntu: small usability things people report that they find annoying; the solution exists but no consensus on how to solve it or no one has time to solve it; plea for people to take these more seriously or list what annoys them; preferably with easy solutions e.g. treebanking to classic

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