Grammar Spring Cleaning

The Grammar Spring Cleaning algorithm goes through a grammar implemented in TDL and removes types that do not have an impact on the competence of the grammar. It is combined with a grammar compression algorithm, implemented by Yi Zhang, that counts the minimum types needed to create an equivalent grammar, where equivalent grammars refers to grammars that return the same set of analyses for the same input string (which may be the empty set).


AntskeFokkens: Spring Cleaning algorithm

YiZhang: Grammar Compression


The standard reference for Spring Cleaning and Grammar Compression is Fokkens et al. (2011) .bib

Where to get it

Currently, you should contact A link to a release will be provided soon.

How to run it

Coming soon.

Results on current grammars and replication (to be published in PhD Thesis of AntskeFokkens)

All experiments reported below were carried out on 2012-12-12 and 2012-12-13, respectively.


Grammars (versions used, original sources)

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