The SynSem research group at the Oslo Center for Advanced Study (CAS) holds a working meeting on design decisions in broad-coverage meaning representation. The meeting will be held from Monday, May 28, to Wednesday, May 30, 2018, most likely at Quality Hotel Leangkollen just outside Oslo. We expect to start the programme on Monday morning after breakfast, i.e. encourage everyone to travel to Oslo on Sunday already; on Wednesday, we will wrap up the meeting at lunch time (say 13:00), so that for most people it should be possible to still catch flights back home that day.




From OSL

First Meal

Last Meal


Gosse Bouma

Johan Bos

Cleo Condoravdi

Dick Crouch

Mary Dalrymple

Helge Dyvik

Dan Flickinger

Jerry Hobbs

Jan Hajič

Dag Haug

Joakim Nivre

Stephan Oepen

seafood allergy

Valeria de Paiva

Agnieska Patejuk

Martha Palmer

Adam Przepiórkowski

Lilja Øvrelid


Participants are expected to make their own travel arrangements to Oslo and submit transportation receipts for reimbursement upon completion of the meeting. SynSem has earmarked up to EUR 1200 per participant traveling from outside Europe and up to EUR 400 per participant from within Europe; in case you find it impossible to make travel arrangements to Oslo within these limits, please make contact with Dag and Stephan as soon as possible. Accomodation and meals while in Oslo will be covered by SynSem directly.

Please submit your receipts for travel (airfare and airport transfers) for reimbursement on-line no later than mid-April. After Sunday, April 15, 2018, the Norwegian tax payer can no longer guarantee reimbursements.


We expect to prepare the programme collectively, with presentation (or maybe demonstration) and discussion slots as obvious building blocks. All participants are invited to (though not required) to present on their ongoing work, possibly in collaborating teams. In a first instance, we welcome suggestions for programme elements (of any type, not limited to the above examples), which we will collect incrementally.

Open Issues

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