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This page is intended as a map for users of DELPH-IN resources. This includes annotated corpora, computational grammars, and associated processing engines.

Annotated Corpora

DELPH-IN resources include corpora for English and other languages which have been annotated with elaborated syntactico-semantic structures via the Redwoods treebanking methodology. These resources are available in a variety of export formats.


Export Formats

For more information, see ErsTutorial (slides, video)

Treebank Processing Software

Processing Stacks

In order to parse or generate further text with DELPH-IN resources, you will need (a) a grammar, (b) a processing engine, and (c) associated pre-processing tools.


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Details about the full range of DELPH-IN grammars, including many small experimental grammars, can be found on the GrammarCatalogue page.

Parsing, Generation, and Pre-/Post-processing Software

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(The DELPH-IN infrastructure is hosted at the University of Oslo)