emerging planning notes for the first (and final) virtual DELPH-IN Summit

three core plenary hours for five days: 14:00-17:00 UTC

discussion-rich, limit presentation length (aggressively) during plenaries;

for more in-depth presentations, option of pre-recorded videos [not exceeding 30 minutes, available at least 24 hours before scheduled slot] for video sharing, recommend third-party services; for people who don't want to share the links publicly, separate wiki page read-limited to ParticipantsGroup

still looking for infrastructure that would facilitate social interactions, e.g. a 'virtual town' (or cafe)

small-group activities (SIGs) scheduled on both sides of the plenary slots; short SIG introductions on first plenary day; SIG scheduling by 19:00 UTC same day

optional repeat SIGs, running twice, in slots of different convenience (as determined by SIG host)

three two-hour SIG slots per day (counting days of the week in UTC):

invite nominations for:

open questions:

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(The DELPH-IN infrastructure is hosted at the University of Oslo)