You can run the Zhong grammar using ACE (see AceTop and AceUse).


You can compile three different versions of Simpplified Mandarin Chinese, depending on your purpose of using the grammar.

The ordinary one can be compiled using the following command under zhong/cmn/zhs. This version is the default for parsing.

$ ace -g ace/config.tdl -G zhs.dat

The version for robust parsing can be compiled using the following. This version includes the bridging rules. Note that this version requires a large size of memory and much running time (see AceOptions).

$ ace -g ace/config-robust.tdl -G zhs-robust.dat

Recall "Parsing Robustly, Generatring Strictly!" For strict generation, you can use the following to compile the version (see ZhongGeneration).

$ ace -g ace/config-strict.tdl -G zhs-strict.dat


When parsing setencens, You can invoke YZLUI for using the graphical user interface (see LkbLui). The LUI (Linguistic User Interface) can be invoked by using an option -l.

$ ace -g zhs.dat -l

You can use the YY mode for your input of parsing. See ZhongYYMode.

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