First, update your Jacy and compile the grammar using ACE.

$ ace -g ace/config.tdl -G jacy.dat

Second, compile the transfer grammar for jahs.

$ ace -g ace/config.tdl -G jahs.dat

Note that the past tense marker in Japanese (だ) should be transfered into a perfective marker in Mandarin Chinese (了). This is specified in in.vpm under jahs.

  past >> perfective

Third, compile the Zhong-cmn-hans (simplified Mandarin Chinese) grammar. Note that there are two versions (see ZhongGeneration). For generation, it would be better to use a strict one.

$ ace -g ace/config-strict.tdl -G hans-strict.dat

After that, you can run the translation process. The sequence is INPUT | PARSING | TRANSFER | GENERATION

echo "犬 が 吠え だ" | ace -g YOUR_JACY_DIRECTORY/jacy.dat | ace -g YOUR_JAHS_DIRECTORY/jahs.dat | ace -g YOUR_HANS_DIRECTORY/hans-strict.dat -e


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