DELPH-IN Overview

The DELPH-IN Consortium is a collaboration among computational linguists from research sites world-wide working on ‘deep’ linguistic processing of human language. The goal is the combination of linguistic and statistical processing methods for getting at the meaning of texts and utterances. The partners have adopted Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG) and Minimal Recursion Semantics (MRS), two advanced models of formal linguistic analysis. They have also committed themselves to a shared format for grammatical representation and to a rigid scheme of evaluation, as well as to the general use of open-source licensing and transparency.

DELPH-IN is a long-standing collaboration over many years involving researchers from the following institutions, among others:

The DELPH-IN collaboration is open to additional partners who share our ambitious goals and commitments and who can dedicate the necessary resources to the common task.

Components and Resources

About this Site

This is the on-line wiki forum for DELPH-IN software and resources. It serves to enable both developers and users to incrementally create further documentation and up-to-date information on aspects of installation or usage of DELPH-IN technology. Mostly to enforce some discipline among ourselves, these pages require that users are registered to the wiki server in order to obtain write access. Please create a WikiName for yourself, which may require obtaining a ‘textcha’ to protect against wiki spam; once registered at the wiki, to request write access please contact info at The developers do hope that active DELPH-IN users will contribute to these pages over time.


Some information from the earlier years of DELPH-IN collaborations is preserved on the following pages, for historical interest:

Earlier DELPH-IN news items

Links to earlier DELPH-IN-related projects

Earlier overviews of the DELPH-IN consortium

Further Information

There is a collection of DELPH-IN mailings lists to which users can subscribe on-line and browse archives of previous postings through the DELPH-IN mailing list manager. If you click on a list, there is a link to the archive near the top of the page.

There is also an active stack-exchange style forum, using the Discourse platform.

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(The DELPH-IN infrastructure is hosted at the University of Oslo)