Following a discussion at the 2014 DELPH-IN Summit in Tomar, the purpose of this page is to collect links to work that uses DELPH-IN tools and resources in various applications, with links to publications and source code, where available, but not limited to work that has been published. Papers marked with an asterisk at the end of the title describe state-of-the-art results (as of the time of writing).

Some of this work is surveyed in section 4 of:


ACL Anthology Searchbench

Coreference Resolution


Distributional Semantics

Evaluating the Grammaticality of Social Media Text


Glossary Sentence Extraction

Grammar Tutoring / Computer Assisted Language Learning

Automated Writing Support Using Deep Linguistic Parsers (in print). Proceedings of the 12th Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation. European Language Resources Association (ELRA). Marseille, France.

Linguistic Exploration and Discovery

Machine Translation

MRS Alignment

Multilingual Valency Dictionary

Ontology Acquisition

POS Tagging

Question Generation

Robot Control

Scope of Negation, Speculation, Hedges

Semantic Parsing

Sentiment Analysis



Textual Entailment

Visual Question Answering

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