This page is for notes on how to make the pragmatic information, currently in CONTEXT and thus not visible in the MRS, more visible. It arises from discussions between Melanie Siegel, Ann Copestake, Stephan Oepen, Dan Flickinger and Francis Bond. This page does not necessarily accurately reflect anyone's opinions.

Pragmatic Information in the MRS

prag_d_rel := arg0-relation.

speaker_d_rel := prag_d_rel &
   [ARG0 index].

hearer_d_rel := prag_d_rel &
   [ARG0 index]. 

honor_d_rel := prag_d_rel & arg123-relation.
    ARG1 index,                     ;Honorer
    ARG2 index,                     ;Honored
    ARG3 individual].               ;Bearer

subj-honor_d_rel :< honor_d_rel.

obj-honor_d_rel :< honor_d_rel.

addr-honor_d_rel :< honor_d_rel.

empathy_d_rel := prag_d_rel & arg12-relation.
   [ARG0 index, 
    ARG1 index,                    ;Empathizer
    ARG2 index].                   ;Empathized

Unresolved issues

Current JACY implementation

c-indices := avm & 
             [SPEAKER index,
              ADDRESSEE index].

honor_rel := avm &
             [HONORER index,
              HONORED index,
              POLARITY bool,
              BEARER individual].

subj-honor_rel :< honor_rel.

obj-honor_rel :< honor_rel.

addr-honor_rel :< honor_rel.

j-ctxt := ctxt &
        [C-INDICES c-indices & [SPEAKER #sp],
         BACKGROUND diff-list & [LIST list],
         EMPATHY empathy_rel & [EMPER #sp]].

empathy_rel := avm &
               [EMPER index,
                EMPEE index].

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