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The LinGO Grammar Matrix is an open-source starter-kit for rapid prototyping of precision broad-coverage grammars compatible with the LKB. The Matrix thrives on input from users working on varied languages. If you're interested, please contact us --- through the mailing list, or by emailing Emily Bender at ebender at u dot washington dot edu.

The Wish List page serves as a forum for relatively informal exchange among developers and consumers, in addition to the Matrix mailing list.

There is an excellent guide available (Flickinger, Dan, Emily M. Bender and Stephan Oepen. 2003. MRS in the LinGO Grammar Matrix: A Practical User's Guide. ms). Some of it is out of date, but it is still the best single source of information.




The Grammar Matrix has been used as the basis for the following grammars:

Current events


Work on the Grammar Matrix is currently supported by an NSF CAREER grant (BCS-0644097).

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