Setting Up PET in Eclipse CDT

Eclipse CDT (Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers) offers a feature-rich development platform for C++, which facilitates editing, navigating, and debugging C++ source code. Eclipse CDT is available as a prepackaged bundle on or it can be installed into an existing Eclipse installation via the Software Updates dialog.

In the following, I assume that Eclipse-CDT 6.0 and Subclipse is installed, that its workbench is located in ~/workbench and that PET should be set up as a project with two configurations, "debug" (allows for debugging in the Eclipse debugger) and "release" (optimized for speed). Before you go on, please make sure that the PetDependencies are satisfied.

Checking out the project

Setting up the build directories

Configuring the PET project in Eclipse

Running / debugging PET in Eclipse

Trac integration

There is an integration of Trac's issue tracker into Eclipse using the Mylyn plugin. This allows you to view issues from Track's issue tracker and add new ones directly from Eclipse.

Common Problems

Problem: The project is not built. Console outputs:

make all 
make: *** No rule to make target `all'.  Stop.

Make is executed in the directory specified as the build location. Make sure that the current build directory is valid for your active build configuration.

Problem: The debugger stops at or jumps to the wrong positions.

Make sure that your debug directory was configured with "CXXFLAGS=-O0".

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