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   Grammar customization system, creates grammars to spec. [[https://github.com/delph-in/matrix|GitHub repo]]    Grammar customization system, creates grammars to spec. [[https://github.com/delph-in/matrix|GitHub repo]] See also: MatrixGettingStarted


This page contains links to various scripts, libraries and packages that people have written to make it easier to work with various DELPH-IN systems and grammars. If you have a tool that you use regularly with the DELPH-IN systems and think might be worth sharing, list it here.


  • ACE (WoodleyPackard)

    • ACE (the Answer Constraint Engine) is a processor for DELPH-IN grammars, supporting both parsing and generation.
  • Pet Platform for Experimentation with efficient HPSG processing Techniques

    • An efficient parser for DELPH-IN grammars.
  • "Agree" grammar engineering environment (GlennSlayden)

    • A project to develop a new grammar engineering environment for working with DELPH-IN style TDL grammars.
  • LKB Linguistic Knowledge Builder

    • Grammar development environment including support for parsing, generation, visualization, and debugging.
  • LKB-FOS (JohnCarroll)

    • Fully open-source LKB


  • Converter (AngelinaIvanova)

    • Converts ERG derivatino tree to bilexical syntactic dependencies, and ERG EDs to bilexical semantic dependencies (see ${LOGONROOT}/uio/dtm/converter.py)
  • DelphinTools

    • Tools for automatically efficiently running LOGON to create appropriate MRSs: source language, transfer, target language, variational.
  • Egad (MichaelGoodman)

    • Error mining and grammar analysis through generation results. (unmaintained, but may still work)
  • gDelta (NedLetcher)

    • Tool for comparing parser output from two different states of a grammar.
  • Grammar Spring Cleaning (AntskeFokkens)

    • Tool that removes components of the grammar that are currently not used.
  • Linguistic Type Database

    • A web interface for grammars made with the LKB that allows easy access to inline documentation and minimal corpus search.
  • SHORT-CLIMB (AntskeFokkens)

    • Tool that allows you to define modifications to a grammar and generates a modified version of the grammar based on the changes (and allows you to convert back)
  • Typediff (Ned Letcher)

    • A web app for exploring DELPH-IN grammar types used in the processing of input.
  • Vista extraction (JoaoSilva)

    • Tool for extracting vistas from the files exported by the grammar. Vistas are grammatical representations that collect only a part of the linguistic information encoded in the fully-fledged hpsg grammatical representation.
  • DELPH-IN VIZ (NedLetcher) Nice interface for online access to the grammar Demo.

  • ReppTop

    • A Regular Expression Pre-Processor, a finite-state device used to prepare textual input for 'deep' parsing (using DELPH-IN grammars)


Grammar Creation Support


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(The DELPH-IN infrastructure is hosted at the University of Oslo)