Generator input for He bit his tongue should be able to specify enough to not get He bit her tongue

X bite Y's tongue, ICONS < X =s Y > where =s means 'coreferential and share variable properties'.

Generator does post-generation semantics compatibility testing and kick out some results.

The grammar already has some rules that handles some of these idiomatic phrases, but these rules have to be invoked. But maybe these rules aren't invoked post-generation. ... red herring: The idiom rules aren't relevant for generation, since the input semantics will always be idiomatic or non-idiomatic. But nothing in the current representation is requiring variable property mapping between two variables. There's already an id_rel, and it could have identities between the properties on the two variables.

We think that these are all idioms (incl. X's way).

This works for the idiom cases, but there may be non-idiomatic ones as well where the MRS-producer might want to specify which variables share variable property values. This will be possible with ICONS.

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