Discussion: Paraphrasing

Moderator: Francis Bond; Scribe: Michael Goodman



Some existing discussions:


Objective: see what others are doing

Work has been done with parse + generate paraphrasing

Also have done work with a monolingual MT system (by Darren Appling)

How to acquire paraphrase rules?

Making paraphrasing more robust.


Lexical substitution:

Tim: Are you doing paraphrasing for SMT on both sides?

Bill: What's difference between parse+generate and monolingual translation?

Richard: Is there closure in the process, or can it be re-run?

Contractions are useful (eg. gonna -> going to)

Dan: Allow informal output?

Francis: The user/evaluator doesn't need to be bilingual, and you only need one grammar to produce paraphrases.

Francis: An issue: don't have the perfect unknown word handling mechanism.

Francis: Round trip efforts give a new perspective on your grammar.

Stephan: Can now get what is wanted (eg unknown words, normalization of preds, etc)

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