DELPH-IN converter to bilexical dependencies


The script converts ERG derivation tree to bi-lexical syntactic dependencies (dubbed DT), and ERG Elementary Dependency Structures to bi-lexical semantic dependencies (dubbed DM).

See brief presentation of new DELPH-IN Tools from the 9th DELPH-IN Summit 31 July 2013.


The converter script is located in the LOGON Source Tree (see LogonIstallation about the installation of LOGON tree on your machine):


A brief documentation is available at ${LOGONROOT}/uio/dtm/converter.pdf


$LOGONROOT/bin/dtm is the wrapper that invokes the converter:

$LOGONROOT/bin/dtm --grammar /usit/abel/u1/angelii/logon/lingo/erg --data <data> --tok erg --dtm <output> --tex <output>$LOGONROOT/bin/dtm --grammar /usit/abel/u1/angelii/logon/lingo/erg --data <data> --tok erg --dtm <output> --tex <output>


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(The DELPH-IN infrastructure is hosted at the University of Oslo)