Since 2005, DELPH-IN has held an annual Summit. This is a loosely structured unconference where people update each other about the work they are doing, seek feedback on current work, and occasionally hammer out agreement on standards and best practice.

Previous and Future Meetings

We occasionally also have smaller more focused meetings between these larger meetings.

Planning Guidelines

Physical Requirements


DELPH-IN Summits are normally held in summer, and are often co-located with another conference (in the past, typically HPSG).


In most years, there has been a participants fee, to cover local infrastructure expenses, coffee breaks, and the like. We try to keep the meetings cheap, to encourage student participation.

Participation Policy

DELPH-IN Summit attendees can be:

Program format

At the Kyoto meeting, we reflected on the format of the Summit, and generally agreed on the following suggestions for future years:

Successful SIG scheduling

Some observations on making the scheduling of the SIGs go more smoothly:

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(The DELPH-IN infrastructure is hosted at the University of Oslo)